Welcome to GSPolice - where Police Car Fans Unite!

This site was created for one reason, to share my love of police cars. Clearly I am not the only person how loves cop cars so I wanted to create a site for the people who feel the same way as I do. One of the other reasons is that police cars as we know them are starting to disappear. Obviously police cars will not go away but they are changing to a type of car that is different from those historically used. I wanted to create a site to preserve the memory of the classic police car.

One of the real appeals of police cars, at least for me is that they are a type of car that you don't see on the streets to often anymore. There was of course a time when full size cars with a big V8 and rear wheel drive where common but those days are long gone. That means that police cars are one of the few places that you see this configuration. geigercars hummer cop car For many people this is the type of car that we love, raw power being sent through the rear wheels creating a car that will slide all over the road if you are not careful. It is a completely different driving experience than you will get in a car that you buy today.

Admittedly not all police cars are this type, there are actually a huge variety of vehicles that are used around the world as police cars. Some of these can be quite exotic, including in some case Lamborghini's. That being said in North America most police cars are of the same type and these are the ones that we are going to focus on with this site. Unfortunately even these may not be around much longer as Ford have announced that they are taking the Crown Victoria out of production. This is the basis for most police cars these days so different models will have to be selected.

Unfortunately for police car enthusiasts it looks unlikely that future police cars will be the vehicles that we get to see today. Ford apparently intend to use the Taurus as the basis for police cars that they produce and Chevy are offering the Impala. These are both fine cars but they are not the same as the vehicles that are used now. They are front wheel drive V6's which is really not what makes a police car so exciting.

The good news about the switch in police cars is that will make many of the older ones available to people who want to buy them. As the new cars come into service most police departments will sell off the old ones. This provides a great opportunity for people who love cop cars. Where else these days are you going to be able to buy a full size car with a rear wheel drive V8 let alone one that comes with a more powerful engine than the standard model.

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